Short Stories

The rights to many of my stories published years ago have reverted back to me, and I’m happy to share these with you for free! (Links to the other stories currently in anthologies are on the Bibliography page)

  • Hell I Must be Going: The Marx Brothers cause no end of trouble in Hell, and it takes pompous Margaret Dunwoody to bring them down to size. (from the anthology Dreamers in Hell)
  • Knowledge: Aliens, Sherlock Holmes, and pop music from the sixties combine in this mystery story taking place in future London. (from the anthology Dance Like a Monkey)
  • The Jesus Secret: The discovery of a new Dead Sea Scroll scares the Catholic Church with its implications in this humorous story. (from the anthology Twisted Tales VII)

The Adventures of Greenie and Captain Irad

  • X Spots the Mark: Young Bart joins a pirate crew on search of a very special buried treasure only to find themselves trapped — or are they? (from the anthology Rum and Runestones)
  • Get Kraken: Bart and Irad make a deal with the British in exchange for their freedom, promising that their plan to defeat the Kraken would work. Now they only need a plan.  (from the anthology Cutlass and Musket)

The Adventures of Terin Ostler

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