With the Pocono Liars Club, I’ve interviewed a lot of authors and editors with information useful to writers.

Below are videos of previous chats!
“Adding humor to your writing” with authors Jody Lynn Nye and Alex Shvartsman

“Writing fantasy stories” with author Jonathan Maberry

“Worldbuilding with author Lawrence Watt-Evans

“Social Media for Writers” with author Tee Morris

“Finding a Home for Your Story” with author Sarah Pinsker

“Writing for plays (and comic strips)” with author Pab Sungenis

“Facing the Public” with authors and actors Teel James Glenn and Keith Strunk

“Writing for Themed Anthologies” with authors Randee Dawn and Keith DeCandido

“Crossing Genres” with author Megan Erickson

“Historical research for your novel” with author Walter Hunt

“Inserting Romance into your Story” with authors Gail Z. Martin and L. Penelope

“Writing the Young Adult Novel” with author Jon McGoran

“The Independent Publisher” with author and publisher John Hartness

“Writing for Graphic Novels and Comics” with authors Peter David and Mark Waid

“So You Want to Self Publish?” with authors and publishers Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Mike McPhail

“Inserting Social Issues Into Your Fiction” with authors Megan Mackie and Hildy Silverman

“Ask Me Anything” with author Jonathan Maberry

“What Editors Want” with authors and editors Ian Randal Strock and Alex Shvartsman

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