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Bloodsuckers: A Vampire Runs for President

Norman Mark was a politician with skeletons in his closet. Literally.

Disgraced journalist Steven Edwards considers the “Batties” — the loonies who believe that vampires are real and Norman Mark is one — just another crazy tin-foil-hat extremist group. Then someone shoots at Mark, changes into a bat, and flies away before Steve’s eyes, leaving him as the prime suspect. With the help of the Batties, Steve goes underground. The only way he can establish his innocence is by proving vampires exist — not an easy task while on the run from both the FBI and the bloodsuckers.

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The Axes of Evil

One barbarian prophecy says the legendary hero Bishortu will unite the three warring tribes. Another tribe has a prophecy that directly contradicts this, and they want Bishortu dead. And a third tribe, which may or may not be comprised of werewolves, refuses to let anyone know what their prophecy says. Meanwhile, the Duke on whose land the barbarians sit wants them all gone.

In the middle of all of this is squire Terin Ostler, who has been mistakenly identified as the great Bishortu. Under the Duke’s orders to get rid of the barbarians, he heads to their lands without the slightest idea of what to do.

Along the way, he has to avoid crazed assassins, rabid werewolves, lovesick barbarian princesses, and confused goblins while attempting to figure out the meaning of the magical and mysterious Wretched Axes.

Nobody said being a hero would be easy.

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Arch Enemies


The prophecy said that The Chosen One would save the duchy from the evil gryphons that were about to escape from behind the magical arch.

Too bad they got the wrong guy.

When cowardly young bard Terin Ostler is called before the Duke and told that he fits the description of the hero of the prophecy, he is certain there has been a grave mistake. When the Duke’s own men later try to kill him and he is forced to go into hiding, he realizes that it may be his own grave that is in question.

Our young hero struggles to overcome his inexperience and limitations to figure out the meaning of the mysterious prophecy, accompanied by two squires who are torn between obeying the orders of the knight they have sworn to follow and doing what they believe is right.

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Novels edited by Mike

It’s a Wonderful Death

itsawonderfuldeath-510A brave knight breaks her vows to fight against a lunatic king calling himself “the Doomsayer” and ends up dealing with unreliable henchmen, political assassins, and a sarcastic disembodied head in a bag. Can she and her friends save the Hidden Kingdom from an unstoppable foe before her prophesied death?

Derek Beebe has written the first Fortannis novel not by me! However, I was heavily involved in the editing and story development, and had a lot to do with the scenes which feature Terin and his fellow squires from my novels.

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Anthologies Edited by Mike

Baker Street Irregulars

baker-streetWhat if Sherlock Holmes was born in a different body in a different time and place? In this new series, New York Times Bestselling Author Jonathan Maberry and I invite others to speculate as to what that might be, so we have Sherlock as an android, as a monk, as an alien dog, as a reality TV show host, as a parrot …

This features major authors such as Hugo-and Nebula Award winning David Gerrold, NY Times Bestselling Authors Jonathan Maberry and Heidi McLaughlin, Gail Z. Martin, Keith DeCandido, Jody Lynn Nye, Ryk Spoor, Hildy Silverman, Beth Patterson, Jim Avelli, Martin Rose, Mike Strauss, and Austin Farmer.

Reviews of “Baker Street Irregulars”

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Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot!

Baker Street 2In this second collection, you’ll find Sherlock as a barrista in Australia, a female librarian in ancient Egypt, a rabbi, a young boy on a space station, and Santa Claus (He deduces when you are sleeping; he deduces when you’re awake).

This edition features a forward by Jonathan Maberry and stories from Keith DeCandido, Jody Lynn Nye,  Hildy SilvermanDaniel M. Kimmel, Gordon Linzner, Chuck Regan, Nat Gertler, Narrelle M. Harris, Sarah Stegall, Mike Strauss, Stephanie M. McPherson, R. Rozakis, and Derek Beebe.



Tales of Fortannis: A Bard Act to Follow

This is the fourth in a collection of stories taking place in the world of my fantasy novels! Terin and the gang from Arch Enemies and The Axes of Evil are featured in the main story.

Other authors include Derek Beebe, Roy C. Booth and Brian Woods, Dominic Bowers-Mason, Jon Cory, Tera Fulbright, Henry Hart, Tom Haswell, Laurel Ann Hill, Bernie Mojzes, Mark Mensch, Beth Patterson, Shane Porteous, and Mike Strauss.

You can read more about the stories included here.

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Tales of Fortannis: A Bard Day’s Knight


This is the third in a collection of stories taking place in the world of my fantasy novels! Terin and the gang from Arch Enemies and The Axes of Evil are featured in the main story.

A Bard Day’s Knight also includes stories by noted authors Derek Beebe, Roy C. Booth and Brian Woods, Jon Cory, Tera Fulbright, Christine Hardy, Laurel Anne Hill, Mark Mensch, Bernie Mozjes, Beth W. Patterson, KT Pinto, Shane Porteous, Angela Pritchett, and Mike Strauss.

You can read more about the stories included here.

Reviews of “A Bard Day’s Knight”

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Tales of Fortannis: A Bard in the Hand


This is the second in a collection of stories taking place in the world of my fantasy novels! Terin and the gang from Arch Enemies and The Axes of Evil make an appearance in one murder mystery story.

A Bard In The Hand also includes stories by noted authors Davey Beauchamp, Jon Cory, Roy C. Booth and Brian Woods, Tera Fulbright, Jesse Grabowski, Henry Hart, Laurel Anne Hill, Mark Mensch, Bernie Mozjes and Bob Norwicke, and Mike Strauss.

You can read more about the stories included here.

Reviews of “A Bard in the Hand”

Click here to read the first few pages of “The Mystery of the Black-Bearded Dwarf”

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Tales of Fortannis: A Bard’s Eye View


This is the first in a collection of stories taking place in the world of my fantasy novels! Terin and the gang from Arch Enemies and The Axes of Evil make an appearance in “The Zombie King’s Plan”

A Bard’s Eye View also includes stories by noted authors Davey Beauchamp, Danny Birt, Nick Bond, Jon Cory, Roy C. Booth and Brian Woods, Tera Fulbright, Laurel Anne Hill, Ron F. Leota, Mark Mensch, Bernie Mojzes, Matthew C. Plourde, J. Thomas Ross, and Mike Strauss.

You can read more about the stories included here.

Reviews of “A Bard’s Eye View”

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Anthologies featuring a story by Mike

Dreamers in Hell

Dreamers in Hell

This latest collection in the very popular “Heroes in Hell” series from editor Janet Morris features my story “Hell, I Must Be Going” in which Groucho and Chico infiltrate the bureaucracy of Hell with unpredictable results.

The Heroes in Hell series has included many noted authors over the years, such as Robert Silverberg, CJ Cherryh, Gregory Benford, Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey, and many others.

This collection also features stories by Nancy Asire, Larry Atchley Jr., Tom Barczak, David L. Burkhead, Leo Champion, Jason Cordova, Jack William Finley, Richard Groller, Sara M. Harvey, Michael H. Hanson, Yelle Hughes, Sarah Snyder Gray Hulcy, Petra Jorns, Deborah Koren, Shebat Legion, John Manning, Ed McKeown, Bettina Meister, Chris Morris, Janet Morris, and Bill Snider.

You can read more about the stories included here.

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Dance Like a Monkey

Look at all the great writers in this collection! Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Alma Alexander, Maggie Allen, Kevin J. Anderson, Davey Beauchamp, Donald Bingle, Dylan Birtolo, M. David Blake, James Chambers, Alan M. Clark, David B. Coe, Jack Dann, Keith DeCandido, Bill Fawcett, John French, Tera Fulbright, Ed Greenwood, Joe Haldeman, John G. Hartness, Nancy and Belle Holder, Tanya Huff, Stuart Jaffe, R. Allen Leider, Randall Lemon, Jonathan Maberry, Gail Z. Martin, Rebecca Moesta, Jody Lynn Nye, KT Pinto, Angela Pritchett, Jean Rabe, Mike Resnick, Aaron Rosenberg, Janine Spendlove, Vicki Steger, Anton Strout, Kelly Swails, Robert E. Vardeman, Elizabeth A. Vaughan, Cynthia Ward, Jean Marie Ward, Gene Wolfe, Bryan Young, Timothy Zahn … and me!

This book was a result of a kickstarter campaign to raise money for C.J. Henderson who needed money for medical bills, as he was fighting cancer at the time. All proceeds from this will go to his widow, so it’s not only a great collection of stories, it’s also a great cause.

Click here to read the first few pages of “Knowledge”

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The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences: Archives

collection9Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris‘ wonderful steampunk world lends itself to so many great tales, and this collection features four great stories, including my story “The Mummy of Barnsley” — a humorous romp through a pleasant British village that has been the victim of some very strange and peculiar occurrences involving (ready?) a mummy!

But wait! There’s more! You also get three other stories from great writers: “Spiritus Sanctus” by Alyson Grauer, “The Black Empress” by Katharina Bordet, and “Down by the River” by Tim Dodge.

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Twisted Tails VII:  Irreverence


This newest collection of Twisted Tails contains my story “The Jesus Secret” in which the discovery of a new Dead Sea Scroll reveals something the Catholic Church wishes to keep hidden.

As the editor explains: “Here you’ll find Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Thrill-a-minute — even Mainstream. The only common element here is Irreverence. The other big deal about the Twisted Tails series that is a must are unexpected endings and sheer quality of writing”.

Other contributors include Eugen Bacon, Sam Bellotto Jr., Jay Greenstein, J. Richard Jacobs, John Klawitter, Dave Kuzminski, Biff Mitchell, Joe Occhipinti, Joe Powers, Michael D. Smith, J. Malcolm Stewart, and Margret Treiber.

Click here to read the first few pages of “The Jesus Secret”

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Rum and Runestones

Arr mateys!

This be a collection of tales of pirates and magic, which includes me Greenie and Captain Irad story “X Spots the Mark.” Has Captain Irad been swindled? Be that treasure map real or be it a trap? Greenie isn’t sure, but Irad has surprises of his own up his sleeve.

Other contributors include noted authors Gail Z. Martin, B.A. Collins, Danny Birt, James R. Stratton, Laurel Anne Hill, M.J. Blehart, Tera Fulbright, Davey Beauchamp, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Stuart Jaffe and Misty Massey!

Click here to read the first few pages of “X Spots the Mark”

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Cutlass and Musket: Tales of Piratical Skullduggery

Cutlass Front Cover (REVISED)


This new collection of grand pirate stories features Michael’s Greenie and Captain Irad tale “Get Kraken” as the lead story. In order to avoid the hangman’s noose, Irad convinces the British that he knows how to kill the kraken! Of course, he has no such plan, but he’s now forced to somehow save the day, all the while dealing with angry mermaids, mutinous pirates, and a crafty voodoo queen.

Other contributors include Jason Andrew, Darren Gallagher, M.S. Gardner, Coy Hall, Rebecca Hart, Dev Jarrett, Kate Larkindale, Reese Mills, Gary Moeser, Mark Lee Pearson, Henrick Ramsager, Cherie Reich, Scott M. Sandridge, Marc Sorondo, Ken Staley, Harris Tobias, Sarah Zama, and Lee Clarke Zumpe!

Click here to read the first few pages of “Get Kraken”

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Long Title: Looking for the Good Times: Examining the Monkees’ Songs, One By One

monkees cover

This has such a great cover that I had to include the whole thing!

The Monkees’ music has not been given the attention it deserves, given as it was written by some of the greatest songwriters of their era. This book examines each song, in the order in which it was recorded, and gives trivia and other information about each song.

More details about the book can be found on its webpage.

Reviews of “Looking for the Good Times”

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Alliance Rule Book

Alliancelarp full cover

The Alliance LARP is one of the largest live-action fantasy medieval role-playing games in North America, with thousands of players throughout the United States and Canada.

This Rule Book contains all of the rules for the game, plus much more.

It’s 166 pages full of photos, graphs, examples, advice, and explanations of all of the game rules, as well as tabletop rules so you can play at home. If you’ve ever heard of LARPing and wondered what it was all about, this is a great introduction, as it explains everything fully, walking you through adventures to give you an idea of what to expect when you finally play.

Paperback / Ebook (PDF only) FREE!

Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop contains articles about writing and acting from Hollywood insiders and published authors, many originally published in The Golden Goblet Newsletter.  It was a Top Ten Finisher in the 2007 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll and won the 2009 Eppie Award for best electronically published non-fiction anthology.

It includes my non-fiction article “Basing Your Novel on a Game: What, are you Stupid?” Other contributors include Lincoln D. Bandlow, Lee Barwood, Rachel DeFriez, Kenneth Dolin, J. Richard Jacobs, Jo Kelly, John Klawitter, Geoff Nelder, Marilyn Peake, Sara Reinke, Sue Thurman, Michael J. Wallach, and Larriane Wills.

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Katrina’s Ghost

Candorville is an excellent comic strip, and my “Afterwords” is featured in this collection. It starts like this:

Darrin Bell has destroyed my childhood dreams.

Growing up on a diet of Peanuts and Doonesbury, I knew that some day I would be a great cartoonist. I’d not only make people laugh each morning, but would also produce insightful political commentary to make them think. My characters would be well-rounded, with real personalities—actual people that my readers would care about. They’d have experiences that would shape those personalities, and grow in significant ways. Oh, and I’d toss in a lot of Star Trek and science fiction inside jokes, too.


Run! Vampires, Werewolves, The One That Got Away, and Other Demons

My interview with Darrin Bell is featured in this collection. An excerpt:

When Candorville got syndicated, I sat down and tried to figure out exactly what it was I liked about my favorite comics as a kid. And what they all had in common was, ironically, that they often weren’t funny. I often laughed at them because of some truth they delivered to me, not because of a punchline. Calvin and Hobbes, for instance… I’ve almost never laughed at that, but it’s one of my favorites. So I don’t try to be funny, I just try to speak my truth and hope other people relate to it.


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