Latest news: Conventions and a new Rule Book

Since this blog is about writing, I wanted to take a quick break and review where I am professionally (?) at this moment…

I have been attending Jonathan Maberry’s monthly wrirter’s coffee and it has been very inspiring and helpful.  Next month I will be attending a writer’s weekend here in the beautiful Poconos which also should help me hone my writing skills as well as make some connections and better learn how to promote myself.

Next weekend (March 20th) I will be at the Lunacon science fiction convention near New York city, where as a featured guest I will be on a few panels as well as participating in an autographing session.  In April, I will be doing the same at Ravencon in Richmond and in May at Balticon in Baltimore.

The “Arch Enemies” sequel (“The Axes of Evil”) is done (first draft anyway) and I have sent out copies to friends and fans for comment.  If anyone reading this wishes to help, I would appreciate it!  Contact me!

My new Rule Book for the Alliance LARP has just been released and is selling well on Amazon and Double Dragon.  Links at my web page:  I’m quite proud of it!

But other than that I have been tremendously busy and haven’t had much time for writing.  More next time!

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