Albacon Schedule

I’ll be a guest at the Albacon science fiction convention the weekend of October 8th, promoting my books, talking about fiction, and trashing “Avatar.”

As I’ve blogged here previously, conventions are great places for networking. You meet other authors, agents, editors, and readers who can help your career. And they’re great fun!

Here’s my schedule (subject to change):

“Social Media & Promotion”: How to use the myriad frequencies of social media to promote your work without allowing it to suck up all your time (Friday 3 pm)

“Avatar: Genius or Hype?”: It’s been hailed as a work of genius by the people who want to live in its world, but it’s also been dismissed as a retread of old SF ideas with a veneer of shiny tech. Have your say! (Saturday 11 am)

“A Reading from THE AXES OF EVIL” (Saturday 12 noon)

“Are Publishers Still Necessary?”: Electronic media makes it possible to get your work directly to readers: is this always a good thing? (Saturday 5 pm)

“The Future of Gaming”: What’s new in gaming? What’s old in gaming? What’s going to be big? (Sunday 10 am)

“Small Press: The Good, the Bad and the Surprising”: As the dinosaurs of publishing lumber along wondering about this ebook thing, are the nimble mammals of the small press your best bet? (Sunday 11 am)

Of course, this is only a small part of what will be happening at the convention. I’m looking forward to it!

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