My Mysticon 2017 Schedule

I’ll be a guest at Mysticon next weekend (February 24-26) in Roanoke, with author Guest of Honor David Weber and media Guest of Honor Jason Carter (best known as Marcus on Babylon 5). carter(My wife, award-winning artist Heidi Hooper, is also a guest.)

Mysticon is a fun little convention. Here’s where you can find me!

Just the Basics: LARP (Friday 3:00): LARPing? What? Ooh, you mean Live Action Role Playing! Join our panelists for a glimpse into the world of Role Playing and what it means to bring it live! LARPing can be for anyone, and this is just the first step in what could be a wonderful journey! With Bob Flack

Surprisingly OK (Friday 4:00): A panel to discuss all things Sherlock (BBC, and any other incarnation). I’m the moderator. With Alexandria Christian, Jesse Knight, and Spencer Lovell

The Eye of Argon (Friday 10:00): The worst science fiction story ever written gets a reading by our brave panel as they compete to go the longest without tripping over a misspelled word or laughing uncontrollably. Audience members are also encouraged to take a chance. Can you keep a straight face, especially when the panel begins acting out the story? I’m the moderator.  With Gail Z. Martin, Peter Prellwitz, and Gray Rinehart 

Little Green Men (Friday 11:00): July 1947. Did a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico? Have we already encountered extra-planetary aliens? If so, what happened to them and their spaceship? These questions have been on the minds of UFO hunters for many years. Our panelists take us back to that first week of July 1947 and dig into the truths and myths of Roswell. I’m the moderator. With Butch Allen, Spencer Lovell, and Christopher Weuve.

Writers Workshop (Saturday 9:00): How to structure your story and write a great opening plus other exercises With Peter Prellwitz, Allen Wold, and Darcy Wold.

Whose Line is it Anyway? (Saturday 8:30): The science fiction and fantasy version of the popular TV show where the points don’t matter. With Gail Z. Martin, Peter Prellwitz, and Gray Rinehart.

Writers Workshop (Sunday 10:00): More of how to structure your story and write a great opening plus other exercises With Peter Prellwitz, Allen Wold, and Darcy Wold

The Last Racebenders/Genderbenders (Sunday 11:00): Changing races, genders, etc. of established characters in movies, comics, and television. It’s been time and time again- how does this impact a series or film?  With James Beall, Madalyn McLeod Johnson, Andrew T. Macht, Amanda McGee, and Maya Preisler.

Do AIs Have a Soul? (Sunday 12:00): Artificial Intelligence has long been a topic in many books, movies, and games. Can uploaded personalities possibly have souls?  With Michael D. Pederson, Maya Preisler, Abigail Wallace and Christopher Weuve.

Collaborating in a Shared Universe (Sunday 2:00): Collaborating with others can be hard. Collaborating in a shared universe can also be hard. Learn how to do both in this panel! With Rodney Belcher, Tera Fulbright, Kim Headlee, and Christopher Kennedy.

(Schedule subject to change!)



Coming March 21st!

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