My 2019 Ravencon schedule

Ravencon is a fun little convention that keeps growing — It used to be in my hometown of Richmond but now it’s in Williamsburg, right next to Busch Gardens where I spent many days riding roller coasters when I was younger… This year, the writer Guest of Honor is Melinda Snodgrass (who I interviewed on this blog 7 years ago — I’ll finally get to meet her in person)!


The entire program is here but here’s where you can find me (when I’m not sitting at my publisher’s booth in the dealers room):

Geek Debates (Friday 5 pm): RavenCon’s geek debates explore the issues that plague the conversations of geeks worldwide. Could Boba Fett defeat a Borg drone? Is James Bond a Time Lord? These and other questions could be explored this year at the debates. With Elizabeth Gribble, Rich Sigfrit, and Michael J. Winslow

Meet and Greet for Guests (Friday 6 pm): A semi-informal party where you can rub elbows with the guests

Opening Ceremony (Friday 7 pm): In which special guests are introduced and announcements made and awards presented

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Friday 8 pm): Based on the TV show, our talented writer guests take improv to a new level, with a science fiction theme. Host Peter Prellwitz does not let them know beforehand what they’ll be doing. Audience participation is expected! With Billy Flynn, Gail Z. Martin, and Peter Prellwitz

Beta Readers (Saturday 11 am): Do authors still use beta readers? Who should an author’s beta reader be? Panelists discuss the use, or lack thereof, of beta readers in the writing process. With Patrick Dugan, Jason Gilbert, G.B. MacRae, and Christopher Metcalf

Steampunk 101 (Saturday 12 noon): Steampunk crosses the worlds of literature, costuming, crafting, movies, and more. But what is steampunk? Where did it start and why is it called that? A look at the history of the genre and its rising popularity over the past decade. With Sandra Baldari, Doc Coleman, Gail Z. Martin, and Margaret S. McGraw 

Reading (Saturday 3:25 pm): I’ll be reading from my latest novel BIG STICK.

Legal Fictions (Saturday 4 pm):  Is it weird that so many lawyers become authors? Our lawyer/authors share amusing anecdotes from their unique intersection of careers. With Melinda Snodgrass and Steve White

Masquerade Pre-Judging (Saturday 7 pm): My wife Heidi Hooper is one of the judges for the Masquerade, and I’ve been appointed to give all the participants a prep talk and instructions on how to present your costumes to best show the audience and judges.

Late Night Geek Debates (Saturday 11 pm): This year RavenCon is trying debates with more mature topics. What topics? You’ll have to come and see. (18+ only, IDs checked.) With Cailen Cutrell, Wade Cutrell, and Lilith Lore

This schedule is subject to change!

Here are some pictures from previous Ravencons!


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  1. See you at RavenCon.


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