Three Time Travelers Walk Into…

My new anthology! Take three random people from any time in history, get them together somehow, and give them an adventure! Three Time Travelers Walk Into…

Look who will be writing stories for this! Jonathan Maberry, Peter David, Allen Steele, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Adam-Troy Castro, Jody Lynn Nye, Gail Z. Martin, Keith DeCandido, James Moore, and L. Penelope!

As usual, there are bonuses you can get! You can pay extra and get one of the authors to name a character after you, for instance! Check out the pledges.

This is a kickstarter campaign with my publisher Fantastic Books, who previously published my anthologies Release the Virgins and Across the Universe (co-edited with Randee Dawn). In order to fund the book (and pay the authors) we ask you to contribute and pre-order your book. Don’t worry — If we don’t reach our goal, you won’t be charged.

Once we’re funded, we’ll be opening up the book for submissions, so for all you writers out there: I’ll be looking for stories! We’ll also be hiring a professional artist to do a great cover.

So please come join us!

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