My Heliosphere 2023 schedule

Heliosphere is a nice little convention held in New Jersey every year. I always enjoy attending. This year it is on the weekend of April 28th.

I was originally going to be at Ravencon in Richmond this upcoming weekend (April 21) but my wife’s health is preventing that, sadly. (In case you’re not aware of my award-winning artist wife Heidi Hooper, who makes art out of dryer lint and is nationally famous for it, check out her web page). Heidi was the Artist Guest of Honor at a previous Heliosphere, but I will be attending this one on my own, since it’s not far from home and I can rush home if need be.

The guests of honor this year are all friends of mine! There’s husband-and-wife writing team Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (both of whom I have edited in the anthology RELEASE THE VIRGINS). Then there’s Charles Gannon and David Mattingly!

Anyway, here’s my schedule:

The Biggest Mistakes Made by New Authors (Friday 3:30). With Ef Deal (Moderator), Keith DeCandido, Mike McPhail, Lori Perkins, Ian Strock, and Michael Ventrella.

So You Want to be in an Anthology (Friday 5:00). With Michael Ventrella (Moderator), Keith R.A. DeCandido, Mike McPhail, Darrell Schweitzer, and Ann Stolinsky.

In Conversation with David Mattingly (Saturday 2:30). With Michael Ventrella (Moderator), David Mattingly, Sharon Lee, and Steve Miller.

What are Editors Looking For? (Saturday 4:00) With Ef Deal (Moderator), Neil Clarke, Ian Strock, Ann Stolinsky, and Michael Ventrella.

The Eye of Argon (Saturday 11:00) With Michael Ventrella (Moderator), Keith DeCandido, and Ian Strock.

Through the Door (Sunday 10:00) With Kathryn Sullivan (Moderator), Chuck Gannon, Michael Ventrella, Elektra Hammond, Bjorn Hasseler, and Michael Ventrella.

Cut the Boring Parts (Sunday 2:30) With Elektra Hammond (Moderator), Keith DeCandido, Sharon Lee, Aaron Rosenberg, Ann Stolinsky, and Michael Ventrella.

Here’s a few pictures from previous Heliospheres! (Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

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