Cutlass and Musket

Cutlass Front Cover (REVISED)Avast!

This collection of grand pirate stories features Michael’s Greenie and Captain Irad tale “Get Kraken” as the lead story. In order to avoid the hangman’s noose, Irad convinces the British that he knows how to kill the kraken! Of course, he has no such plan, but he’s now forced to somehow save the day, all the while dealing with angry mermaids, mutinous pirates, and a crafty voodoo queen.

Other contributors include Jason Andrew, Darren Gallagher, M.S. Gardner, Coy Hall, Rebecca Hart, Dev Jarrett, Kate Larkindale, Reese Mills, Gary Moeser, Mark Lee Pearson, Henrick Ramsager, Cherie Reich, Scott M. Sandridge, Marc Sorondo, Ken Staley, Harris Tobias, Sarah Zama, and Lee Clarke Zumpe!

Click here to read the first few pages of “Get Kraken”


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