Dance Like a Monkey

dance 2Look at all the great writers in this collection! Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Alma Alexander, Maggie Allen, Kevin J. Anderson, Davey Beauchamp, Donald Bingle, Dylan Birtolo, M. David Blake, James Chambers, Alan M. Clark, David B. Coe, Jack Dann, Keith DeCandido, Bill Fawcett, John French, Tera Fulbright, Ed Greenwood, Joe Haldeman, John G. Hartness, Nancy and Belle Holder, Tanya Huff, Stuart Jaffe, R. Allen Leider, Randall Lemon, Jonathan Maberry, Gail Z. Martin, Rebecca Moesta, Jody Lynn Nye, KT Pinto, Angela Pritchett, Jean Rabe, Mike Resnick, Aaron Rosenberg, Janine Spendlove, Vicki Steger, Anton Strout, Kelly Swails, Robert E. Vardeman, Elizabeth A. Vaughan, Cynthia Ward, Jean Marie Ward, Gene Wolfe, Bryan Young, Timothy Zahn … and me!

This book was a result of a kickstarter campaign to raise money for C.J. Henderson who needed money for medical bills, as he was fighting cancer at the time. All proceeds from this will go to his widow, so it’s not only a great collection of stories, it’s also a great cause.

Click here to read the first few pages of “Knowledge”


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