How to Argue the Constitution with a Conservative

Constitution cover

Immigrants have no rights!

America is founded on Christianity!

Unlimited guns are my birthright!

These are just a handful of arguments being shouted by vocal conservatives even though the Constitution of the United States–the very laws of our nation–says something quite different.

If liberals are going to counter these erroneous, angry, ill-informed positions with facts, they need to learn for themselves what the Constitution says.

This book teaches the basics with a large amount of humor and snark, all illustrated with more than 40 cartoons by 2019 Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial artist Darrin Bell, creator of the syndicated comic strip Candorville.

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“This book is a brief, basic constitutional lesson for those of us who remain utterly perplexed during these politically tumultuous times, yet are never entirely sure what is proven law, what is Constitutional law, and what remains nothing more than opinion masked as ‘fact.’ The book makes clear there is a robust market for propagating distorted personal views, augmented, of course, by shady politics. These exploitative distortions are then shamelessly masqueraded as absolute facts contained in the Constitution. This kind of political manipulation is something that has always existed. However, now I think I have a somewhat of a better understanding of how these offenses have managed to be pulled off.

The book is, well, funny. Seriously.––I know, I know… how could learning about the Constitution––of all things––be hilarious? Trust me … this book was packed with a ton of facts, seasoned with snark, and spiked with wittiness, which only added to making a droll subject burst alive on the pages. I lost count as to how many times I laughed.

However, I would be sorely remiss if I didn’t also mention how the brutally honest, uncompromising editorial cartoons by artist Darrin Bell, exposed a conundrum of unpalatable facts, making for a perfect accompaniment to such a serious subject [despite the author’s spot-on penchant for satirical humor.]

Again, the book isn’t long. I read it in just one sitting, jotting down notes for further research, but that didn’t take away at all from the book’s impact. As I read, I pictured the author, a criminal defense attorney and former Constitutional Law Professor, standing at the lecture podium in a room packed with eager students much like myself, all ready to learn once and for all, ‘What the hell is going on?’

And now, I know.” – Sahar Abdulaziz

“So often you’ll hear someone––yeah, usually a Conservative Republican––mouthing off about the Constitution, and you are pretty sure he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Well, here in one volume, from a Constitutional scholar, is a hilariously funny journey through the Constitution that explains each part, from beginning to end (including the Amendments), while debunking so many of the myths about it. Nothing dry here––Ventrella lets loose with both barrels on many of the ignorant arguments made by those on the right. A fun read, even if you aren’t interested in how the poorly-written Second Amendment (and others) has been misinterpreted by conservatives, how presidential power has been abused, or the problems with the Electoral system.” – Larry Hodges

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