It’s a Wonderful Death

itsawonderfuldeath-510A brave knight breaks her vows to fight against a lunatic king calling himself “the Doomsayer” and ends up dealing with unreliable henchmen, political assassins, and a sarcastic disembodied head in a bag. Can she and her friends save the Hidden Kingdom from an unstoppable foe before her prophesied death?

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“Simultaneously epic and hilarious, It’s a Wonderful Death tells a fast-paced story with a ton of heart. It focuses on a handful of characters and really makes you fall in love with them. Nevertheless, Beebe isn’t afraid to ramp up the action to 11 and deliver massive fantasy set-pieces. Even though the book deals with some very dark subject matter at times, the tone was kept light by clever dialogue and moments of real levity. It never quite becomes a straight up comedy or farce but instead deftly toes the line, and in the end is an enjoyable epic fantasy story.” – Zachary Didur, Random Chatter magazine

“This heroes’ delights me on so many levels. ….the standard fantasy tropes are often turned on their heads, the characters are fun and relateable, and the action scenes sweep you into a full sized, believable universe. Can’t wait to see more books about Elmeki!” – Janella MacBeth

“Wonderful novel for fantasy lovers. Plenty of adventure and smart comedic moments. What more could anyone ask?” – J. Limbach

“Overall, this was a very entertaining fantasy novel. The humor in it had me chuckling quite often. There were also many twists and turns as far as the plot goes. The character Elmeki definitely stole the show for and I would love for some more stories to be written on him.” – Jared Hart

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