Twisted Tails VII: Irreverence


This newest collection of Twisted Tails contains my story “The Jesus Secret” in which the discovery of a new Dead Sea Scroll reveals something the Catholic Church wishes to keep hidden.

As the editor explains: “Here you’ll find Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Thrill-a-minute — even Mainstream. The only common element here is Irreverence. The other big deal about the Twisted Tails series that is a must are unexpected endings and sheer quality of writing”.

Other contributors include Eugen Bacon, Sam Bellotto Jr., Jay Greenstein, J. Richard Jacobs, John Klawitter, Dave Kuzminski, Biff Mitchell, Joe Occhipinti, Joe Powers, Michael D. Smith, J. Malcolm Stewart, and Margret Treiber.

Click here to read the first few pages of “The Jesus Secret”

Paperback / Ebook / Kindle / Nook

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