My 2018 Ravencon schedule

Ravencon is a fun little convention that keeps growing — It used to be in my hometown of Richmond but now it’s in Williamsburg, right next to Busch Gardens where I spent many days riding roller coasters when I was younger… This year, the writer Guest of Honor is Chuck Wendig! Other guests include Philippa Ballantine, Tee Morris, Gail Z. Martin, and me (among many others!)


Chuck Wendig, me, and Tee Morris.  I love this photo!

The entire program is here but here’s where you can find me:

Morally Ambiguous Bad Guys (Friday 5 pm): Those wonderful lawful- and neutral-evil bad guys. You love to hate them and hate that you love them. Panelists: John “Cal” Baldari, Kettle Maccaulay, Greg Smith, Michael A. Ventrella (Moderator)

Opening Ceremony (Friday 7 pm) Wherein guests are introduced and Mike Pederson tells some bad jokes

Elementary (Friday 8 pm): Why Sherlock Holmes is still popular after over 100 years.
The last of his stories just went into the public domain in the last year, has this increased the number of homages we’re seeing? Panelists: Sandra J. Baldari, Joshua LeHuray, Greg Smith, Michael A. Ventrella (M)

The Great Geek Debates (Saturday 11 am): Our panelists debate a variety of geeky subjects following standard debate club rules. We’ll focus on teen-friendly topics. Panelists: Michael A. Ventrella, Voices of Tomorrow Students, Michael J. Winslow (M)

The Allen Wold Writing Workshop (Saturday noon):  Allen Wold gives the writers attending a brief exercise. Then he and the panel will comment on each exercise, helping the writer understand what they have done well and where they can improve. Panelists: Paul Barrett, Michael A. Ventrella, Allen Wold (M)

Ignore this Advice: Writing Tips that Aren’t So Great (Saturday 2 pm):  Tips and tricks that turned out to be anything but helpful. Panelists: Darin Kennedy, Misty Massey, Greg Smith (M), Michael A. Ventrella

The Allen Wold Writing Workshop (Part Two) (Sunday 10 am): The conclusion of Allen Wold’s Writing Workshop. Only those that attended the first half may attend the second half. Panelists: Michael A. Ventrella, Allen Wold (M)

You Need an Editor (Sunday noon): You’ve gotten a piece written, but it’s not finished until it’s been through the editor’s hands. Panelists: Janet Carden, Darin Kennedy, Michael A. Ventrella, John G. Walker (M)

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