Rum and Runestones

Yarr, ye scurvy landlubbers! There be a new collection of short stories about pirates and magic! It be called “Rum and Runestones” and a picture of the tome appears before ye!

‘Tis edited by Valerie Griswold-Ford and contains short stories from many gifted writers, including Yours Truly, who apparently thinks today is “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”

My story be called “X Spots the Mark”. ‘Tis about Irad the Pirate Captain and a treasure map — but was he fooled into buying a fake one? With almost all of his crew gone, victims of deadly traps, will he complete his quest to obtain the booty of his hated enemy Rummy Jack? Well, since this be a Ventrella story, ye can be sure of some rough sailin’ ahead with many unexpected twists and turns!

Other contributors include:

Danielle Ackerly-McPhail

Danny Beauchamp

Danny Birt

M.J. Blehart

B.A. Collins

Tara Fullbright

Laurel Anne Hill

Stuart Jaffe

Gail Z. Martin

Misty Massey

James R. Stratton

Some of these scoundrels were seen at a convention in Virginia recently for a book release party, standing before a jolly roger and enjoying quite a lot of rum while tryin’ to scratch their autographs on the parchment! And thar be Ventrella himself in his pirate hat. Yarr!

The book can be purchased on Amazon now, so what are ye waitin’ for?

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