My Ravencon 2012 Schedule

I’m looking forward to attending Ravencon on the weekend of April 13th. As a son of Richmond, I love going back and visiting friends and seeing the city — or at least as much as I can, since I’m mostly in a hotel all weekend.

Here’s what they have planned for me:

Building Suspense (Friday 4:00 pm) Panelists discuss how to structure a mystery and keep the reader’s interest without frustrating them or giving too much away. With Austin S. Camacho, A.J. Hartley, Gail Z. Martin, and Kate Paulk

Ghost Hunters verses Mythbusters (Friday 6:00 pm): Are we still as gullible as our ancestors? Do we really still believe in ghosts and goblins, or is it all just camp fire stories? With Diana Bastine, Ben Davis, Pamela K. Kinney, and Christopher Weuve

Opening Ceremonies (Friday 7:00 pm): The guests are introduced and there is much merrymaking.

Science Fiction Motifs in Fantasy (Friday 9:00 pm): What happens when fantasy uses science fiction motifs? Is it now science fiction, or at least not “real” fantasy? Panelists discuss F/SF mash-ups and their potential to destroy civilization as we know it. With Diana Bastine, Barbara Friend Ish, Monica Marier, Ahlen Moin, and Janine K. Spendlove

Pervy Elf Fanciers (Friday 10:00 pm): Panelists discuss the romantic appeal of humanoid but non-human creatures such as elves, vampires, fairies, and so on, as well as the ramifications of human-nonhuman interbreeding. With Anita Allen, Rachael Hixon, Monica Marier, KT Pinto, and Erin “Zenobia” Woods

What Harry Potter Did Right (Saturday 9:00 am): What did J.K. Rowling do right, and what can an aspiring author learn from that? With Paula S. Jordan, Gail Z. Martin, and Warren Rochelle.

Self Promotion and Social Anxiety Disorder (Saturday 1:00 pm): … At Least Your Mom Still Loves You (Maybe). Talking about your work isn’t as hard as you think. How to promote your work without driving yourself crazy. With Austin S. Camacho, S. Reesa Herberth, Ahlen Moin, Michelle Moore, and Leona Wisoker

Disturbing Ramifications of Harry Potter (Saturday 10:00 pm): What does trust mean in a world with polyjuice potions, love potions, and the Imperius curse? And what really happened to Dolores Umbridge? With Mike Kabongo, Gail Z. Martin, Tedd Roberts, Patrick A. Vanner, and Robert E Waters.

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