My Capclave 2013 schedule

This year, I will be attending the Washington DC convention Capclave for the first time, and it looks to be great fun. small_dodo_transparent The Guest of Honor is George R. R. Martin, and other guests include many people who you may have met through my interviews here: Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Philippa Ballantine, Gardner Dozois, Val Griswold-Ford, Mike McPhail, Tee Morris, James Morrow, Lawrence M. Schoen, Hildy Silverman, Bud Sparhawk, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and Allen Wold, among many others. Links to each of these interviews are to the left.)

Capclave is held over the Columbus Day weekend (October 11th)

They’re keeping me busy, as I like, and I’m moderating a few of these panels.

Here’s my schedule:

So You Want To Be A Writer?: We did it before and we’ll do it again! Authors discuss how they became a writer, and why you should(n’t) Writers share their experiences and offer advice to those interested in becoming a professional writer. Pay it forward. With Matt Betts, Michael Dirda, Laura Anne Gilman, Alma Katsu, Dina Leacock, and Bud Sparhawk. (Friday 4 pm)

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Once we could only watch cartoons on Saturday morning, now they get entire channels. What are the best sf/fantasy cartoons ever? What did you learn from them? How have cartoons influenced other media and even reality? With Matt Betts, E.C. Myers, Sherin Nicole, and Steve Stiles. (Friday 5 pm)

Buy My Book: Self promotion and you. Nervous about talking about your books and stories? There are some things you should do and avoid when talking about your writing. With Philippa Ballantine, Jennifer Barnes, and John Edward Lawson (Friday 6 pm)

Reading: This is where I will read from my work, and probably my humorous short story “The Jesus Secret.” (Saturday 9:30 am)

Moving Beyond the Small Press: A look at how small presses in the age of the eReaders – where anyone can be a publisher – have their limits, and what to do when you’ve hit them. There is also the additional pressure of performing on a higher level. Listen to panelists describe what to do when you have plateaued with your own independent publisher, and what lies ahead if or when you step up to corporate publishers. With Philippa Ballantine, Ron Garner, and Lawrence M. Schoen (Saturday 10 am)

Mass Signing: The Saturday evening mass autographing session. With Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Catherine Asaro, Eric Bakutis, Philippa Ballantine, Matt Betts, Matt Bishop, Neil Clarke, Tom Doyle, Andrew Fox, Charles E. Gannon, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Laura Anne Gilman, Bob Greenberger, John G. Hemry, Alma Katsu, Annette Klause, John Edward Lawson, Dina Leacock, Edward M. Lerner, Marianne Mancusi, George R.R. Martin, James Maxey, Heidi Ruby Miller, Jason Jack Miller, James Morrow, Diana Peterfreund, Patrick Scaffido, Lawrence M. Schoen, Jon Skovron, Alan Smale, Michelle D. Sonnier, Bud Sparhawk, Janine Spendlove, Michael Swanwick, Jean Marie Ward, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Steven H. Wilson, Leona Wisoker, and K. Ceres Wright (Saturday 7:30 pm)

The Eye of Argon: Our panelists read the worst fantasy story ever written, mistakes and all, and if they laugh or read it incorrectly, they are forced to act out the story. Just try not to fall over laughing! With Tee Morris, Hildy Silverman, and Ian Randal Strock (Saturday midnight)

Not Another Lawyer Joke: So we all know lawyers just make the stuff up as they go along. Or is that just the ones in fiction? How does fiction and popular media portray the law and lawyers? What do they do right and wrong? What about all those Law and Order shows? With Day Al-Mohamed and Jim Stratton (Sunday 9 am)

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