My Philcon 2013 schedule

I’ll be at the Philcon science fiction convention this weekend (November 8 – 10).

The Guest of Honor is Allen Steele, and other guests include Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Gardner Dozois, Michael F. Flynn, Gregory Frost, Sharon Lee, Gail Z. Martin, Mike McPhail, Steve Miller, Christine Norris, KT Pinto, Peter Prellwitz, Lawrence M. Schoen, Alyce Wilson, and many more people that I have yet to interview on this blog!

You can see why I always enjoy Philcon — I get to see so many of my friends again.

I’ll also be found at my publisher’s table in the dealer’s room from time to time.

Here’s my schedule (as of the Sunday before the event; sometimes I get added to other panels):

The Evolution of the Vampire (Friday 10 pm): Not all of them sparkle, y’know. A look at the literary vampire, from a century before Dracula to the modern day. With Susan Hanniford Crowley, KT Pinto, and Rebecca Whitman.

Political Correctness in Science Fiction (Saturday 2 pm): No writer wants to be considered bigoted or prejudiced, but at the same time, no writer wants to be censored, either. And, if certain topics can’t be discussed, does that mean that they can’t be properly discarded, either? What are the limits on proper discourse, and who gets to set them? With Brenda W. Clough, Orenthal Hawkins, Jeff Warner, and A.C. Wise.

The Future of Privacy (Sunday 2 pm): Will the modern concept of privacy be considered anachronistic in the future? And if not, what will “privacy” mean? With Ellen Asher and Christie Meierz.

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