My Most Popular Interviews

When I first started this blog back in 2009, Jonathan Maberry suggested that I interview authors as a way to get more views on the blog (as well as have fun talking about writing with some of the people whose work I read!). I’ve very much enjoyed it, and I advise writers with blogs to do the same.

I checked my blog stats recently just to see which interviews got the most hits. Here are the results:

1. May Pang
2. Rachel Caine
3. Norman Spinrad
4. Michael Flynn
5. Sharon Lee
6. Tommy James
7. Darrin Bell
8. Tanya Huff
9. Lori Perkins
10. Alia Hana Habib
11. Stephen Brust
12. Tim Powers
13. Jonathan Maberry
14. Tad Williams
15. John Ringo
16. Lawrence Watt-Evans
17. Stephen Barnes
18. Jay Lake
19. Mike Kabongo
20. Keith DeCandido
21. Joel Rosenberg
22. David Wellington
23. Jon F. Merz
24. Mark Waid
25. Jodi Lynn Nye

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