My Lunacon 2017 Schedule

Another convention, a week after the last. It’s been a busy month — and now it’s time for Lunacon, featuring Guests of Honor Ben Bova and Bob Eggleton.logo_lunacon

Here’s my schedule:

What Makes it Go, Besides Steam? (Friday 8:30): How do you effectively develop the historical setting for a steam-billowing plot? Research? Reading? Imagination? Exploration? Steampunk writers discuss their methods for determining the time, the place, and the brass to make it all work. With Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Russell J. Handelman.

Writing Social Change in SF (Saturday 2:00): This panel explores how speculative fiction can present the social, environmental and political challenges of our society. What is the best way to discuss these challenges without alienating readers? Is it our responsibility as artists to incorporate these issues in our work, whether overtly or covertly? How can we avoid prejudices and stereotypes in our work? With Marcy Arlin, Richard Herr, and Matthew Kressel.

Sherlock Holmes, From Page to Stage to Screen (Saturday 5:00): A discussion of Sherlock Holmes in all the myriad forms that have come from the works of one man. From stage to screen to games to LARPs and beyond. With Ef Deal, Russell J. Handelman, Debra Lieven, and Terence Taylor.

Masquerade (Saturday 8:00): The annual costume competition, in which I will be hosting (again)! Judges will be Bob Eggleton, Marianne Plumridge, Roberta Rogow, and Carol Salemi. Here’s a video of last year’s Masquerade:

Reading (Sunday 12:30): I’ll be reading from either Bloodsuckers or the short story “Remembering the Future” from Tales of Fortannis: A Bard Act to Follow (audience choice).

Edit Me (Sunday 1:00): Editors chat about today’s and tomorrows challenges in editing genre works. With Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Neil Clarke, Elektra Hammond, Gordon Linzner, and Ian Randal Strock.

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