My Albacon 2018 Schedule

I’ll be a guest author at Albacon this weekend (September 14 – 16), a fine small convention in Albany.  Below are some pictures from previous Albacons.

Here’s my schedule:

Pitfalls for Beginners (Friday 1 pm): Where new writers make mistakes. With James Cambias, Wendy Delmater, Melissa Mead, and Steve Sawicki

Marketing your Work (Friday 3 pm): How to get readers and publicize yourself. With Ruth Burroughs, John F. Holmes, and Ryk Spoor 

Truth is Stranger than Science Fiction (Friday 7 pm): Would the present have
made believable science fiction ten, twenty, fifty, and a hundred years ago? Why
and why not, and what does that tell us about SF?  With Steve Carper and Herb Kauderer

The Scarlet Pimpernel (Saturday 10 am): A tribute to Baroness Orczy, without whom there would be no Batman. With Debra Doyle, Carl Frederick, Melissa Mead, and Chuck Rothman

Taxes and Toilet Paper (Saturday 2 pm): Does your starship have flush toilets? Does your Merchants’ Guild hand out W2s? How many practical details do you put in your stories? With Ruth Burroughs, Elecktra Hammond, Melissa Mead, and Steve Sawicki

Autographing (Saturday 3 pm): I’ll be signing anything you want (except blank checks).

Stop Motion v. CGI (Saturday 6 pm): What are the pros and cons of each?  With Jim Macdonald, Chuck Rothman, Kathleen Moffre-Spoor, and Ryk Spoor

Reading (Sunday noon): I’ll be reading from my upcoming novel BIG STICK.



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