My upcoming books

Three Time Travelers Walk Into… (edited by me) has been sent for reviews and we’re doing final proofreading and cover design. Due out in late June. (Fantastic Books)

The Beatles on the Charts is being proofread as well, and I have a deadline of March 31 to turn it into the publisher. No publication date yet. (McFarland & Company)

The Top Ten Animated Films is behind schedule and on hold because I need more people in animation to respond … so please pass the word. (BearManor Media)

Terin Ostler and the Zombie King (and Other Stories) is at the publisher and is waiting for publication! Next in line is the collection of short stories in that world, Tales of Fortannis, that I am editing, featuring my favorite stories from the five Tales of Fortannis collections that are now out-of-print. (Fantastic Books)

Bully! (the sequel to my Teddy Roosevelt steampunk novel Big Stick) is still being written because I keep doing these other books instead (and, you know, I have a job). (Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press)

Another fun anthology project is in the works but I can’t announce it yet.

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  1. Hi Michael , I’m just coming to the end of your Monkee’s book Headquartered . I came to 2011 and there was no mention of The Monkee’s Albert Hall London concert where they performed the whole of their Head album . This I believe was one of a few concerts they performed at this time in the UK and was one of the outstanding concerts of my life and I’m sure that this was just an oversight on your part not to have mentioned it in your book ? Otherwise I’m enjoying the book . Kind regards Chris Spicer . (A British Monkee’s fan) . 🇬🇧

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    • Yes, we did the best research we could but there are definitely things we missed. As we were editing it, we even would come across new things. Maybe we’ll update the book after Micky is gone.


  2. Looking forward to reading Three Time Travelers Walk Into…

    Also eagerly waiting the announcement for your next project. Hoping to write something you like.

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