Table of Contents reveal for “Three Time Travelers Walk Into…”

My next anthology is coming soon, and today I can announce the Table of Contents:

“At the Chocolate Bar” by Jody Lynn Nye (George Washington Carver, Julia Child, Im-Hotep)
“The Jurors” by Lawrence Watt-Evans (F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, William Tecumseh Sherman)
“Star Rat’s Tale” by Allen Steele (Marlon Brando, Jesus Christ, Caesar Romero)
“A Vampire, an Astrophysicist, and a Mother Superior Walk into a Basilica” by Henry Herz (Neil deGrasse Tyson, Vlad Tepes, Mother Teresa)
“The Greatest Trick” by Louise Piper (Charles Baudelaire, Cassie Chadwick, Martin Luther King Jr.)
“The Mystic Lamb” by Gail Z. Martin (Edgar Cayce, Maggie Fox, Harry Houdini, Nicola Tesla)
“Episode in Liminal State Technical Support, or Mr. Grant in the Bardo” by Gregory Frost
(Ambrose Bierce, Cary Grant, Ameila Earhart)
“The Eternal Library” by L. Penelope (Zora Neale Hurston, the Queen of Sheba, Tituba)
“Unfolding Time” by David Gerrold (Harlan Ellison, Dorothy Fontana, David Gerrold)
“Punching Muses” by S.W. Sondheimer (Frida Kahlo, Kusama Yayoi, Sappho, Oscar Wilde)
“Wednesday Night at The End Times Tavern” by James A. Moore (Cotton Mather, Robert E. Howard, Prince Radu of Wallachia)
“A Christmas Prelude” by Peter David (Ali Baba, Don Quixote, Mephistopheles)
“Cornwallis’ Gift” by Heather McKinney (Elizabeth Bathory, Michael Jackson, George Washington)
“What You Can Become Tomorrow” by Keith R.A. DeCandido (Josh Gibson, Katherine Johnson, Mary Shelley)
“Nostradamus’ Angels” by Hildy Silverman 
(Marie Antoinette, Marie Curie, Mary Todd Lincoln)
“The Last Act at the Time Cabaret” by Adam-Troy Castro (Lansford Hastings, Joseph Pujol, Billie Ritchie)
“Never Meet Your Heroes” by Eric Avedissian (Blackbeard, John Dillinger, Jesse James)
“The Adventure of the Confounded Writer” by Jonathan Maberry (Arthur Conan Doyle, Ed McBain, H.G. Wells)

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  1. […] Michael A. Ventrella has announced the table of contents for the upcoming Fantastic Books anthology … (Sorry…) Here’s what we got, including title, author, and who the three (or, in some cases, more) time travelers are: […]


  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! I can’t wait!

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  3. I have a soft spot in my heart for Cassie Chadwick, so I’m curious just what conversation will be about.

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  4. […] Bronx), The Fans are Buried Tales (“The Carpet’s Tale” about the infamous Marriott carpets), Three Time Travelers Walk Into… (“What You Can Become Tomorrow” about Mary Shelley, Josh Gibson, and Katherine Johnson), and […]


  5. […] Three Time Travelers Walk Into… (edited by me) has been sent for reviews and we’re doing final proofreading and cover design. Due out in late June. (Fantastic Books) […]


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