In this sequel to LONG TITLE: LOOKING FOR THE GOOD TIMES; EXAMINING THE MONKEES’ SONGS, ONE BY ONE, we look at the careers the Monkees had outside of the show and the band: From Micky’s early appearances as “Circus Boy” through Peter’s financial and legal problems to become a respected performer with his band Shoe Suede Blues, to Davy’s frustration with record labels and his many solo albums for his fans, to Michael’s evolution from country rock founder to the creator of MTV and video technology ahead of many others. We examin the various reunion concerts, the movies and plays, and the ups and downs of their varied careers, all with insight and humor.

Paperback | Hardcover

“Some people are so ignorant as to imagine that the Monkees are not a ‘real’ band. That’s crazy! That’s like saying that lemon meringue pie is not ‘real’ food. They’re both an inspired synthesis of disparate wholesome, delicious, natural ingredients combined, orchestrated and executed with expert skill and sublime results. What this book makes irrefutably clear is that all four Monkees were consummate professionals – talented musicians and skilled performers, all – producing strong, creative, original, yet inexplicably unheralded, music recordings and video content before, during and after their frenzied ‘Monkees’ moment. Never underestimate a ‘pop star’. There’s always more to them than you could ever imagine. This book proves it. I will always love lemon meringue pie. And I will always love the Monkees.” – Dean Friedman (“Ariel,” “Lucky Stars,” “McDonald’s Girl”)

“With this sequel to their excellent LONG TITLE: LOOKING FOR THE GOOD TIMES, authors Michael A. Ventrella and Mark Arnold have filled in the blanks. The solo careers of the individual Monkees starts with Micky Dolenz’s 1956 debut on NBC’s “Circus Boy” and runs as recent as the Michael Nesmith “Cosmic Partners” release on 11/22/19 and even mentions the current “The Mike and Micky Show” CD that was just released. Every music release, newsworthy successes, failures, reunions and breakups are covered. While the previous book was a critical essay of The Monkees’ musical legacy, here is the basic history of each of the artists. Being an original 1966 fan I wanted to think I knew most of the story….now I know much more. Well worth the time and money. Good job guys!” – Charles D. Kidd


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