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After a nice talk with Jonathan Maberry (whose new book “Patient Zero” is excellent!), I have decided that perhaps the focus of this blog should change.

I am still in the process of learning all about the publishing industry, and it occurs to me that I am not alone.   Perhaps instead of just discussing my own personal writing I should instead be discussing the processes I have taken in order to get a book finished, find a publisher, locate an agent, and traverse the strange world hidden behind the curtain.

To that end, I will begin with listing a number of very reliable source of information: blogs for starting writers.  Future blogs will discuss the query letters I have used (what worked, what didn’t), what I’ve done to promote myself, ways to get reviews, and so on.  

I also plan on having interviews with agents, published writers, and editors where I can ask their advice.  

If you follow, you can learn along with me, and perhaps avoid my mistakes while capitalizing on my successes.  

So let’s start by giving a list of  resources.  This list was compiled by Janice Gable Bashman.  Thanks, Janice!

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing –

Alice’s CWIM Blog –

Anthology News and Reviews –

BookEnds, LLC – A Literary Agency –

Buzz, Balls & Hype –

Crowe’s Nest –

by Ken Levine (more TV writing) –

Editorial Ass –

Evil Editor –

Guide to Literary Agent’s Editor’s Blog –

Janet Reid, Literary Agent –

Nathan Bransford – Literary Agent –

Pub Rants –

Query Shark –

Tess Gerritsen’s Blog –

The Blood-Red Pencil –

The Kill Zone –

The Rejecter –

The Renegade Writer Blog –

There Are No Rules –

Weekly List of Anthologies –

C. Hope Clark –
(and don’t forget to sign up for her free newsletters: Funds for Writers and Funds for Writers for Small Markets)

Jonathan Maberry’s Big, Scary Blog –

Editor Unleashed –

Don Lafferty’s – Practical Social Media Strategies and Tactics for Connecting with Your Public –

Seth Godin’s blog (not writing but excellent info on marketing) –

One Response

  1. Michael,

    Thanks so much for mentioning FundsforWriters. We welcome all your readers to come take a peek at us. Good list of resources!

    Hope Clark


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